Jason Boothe

At a time of uncertainty as to where the next stop in my career would take me, Kim was an invaluable resource, confidant, and friend. Her skillset to truly listen to who I was, not just look at my resume and see what I did, but to incorporate who I am into my revised materials was remarkable. The numerous versions of resumes and cover letters she crafted for me accelerated my job search process. Additionally, her coaching to expand my network, explore other industries, and cast a wide net was very eye-opening. I ended up landing a job in a slightly different industry and it was Kim’s encouragement, contacts, and networking that came through for me! I highly recommend Kim for anyone looking to make a career transition, or even just to land a different job in your same industry. She will be a wonderful asset to you. She certainly was for me and I will be forever grateful to her!

Chief Executive Officer at Family YMCA of Lancaster and Fairfield County
Lancaster, OH

Mia Monroe, MTA, CSEP, CMP, DES

Kim has been an undeniable resource for me as I have transitioned in my career. The pandemic saw many changes for all of us, but Kim was able to help me recognize how to better position myself in an environment that had become quite linear for me. My search became more strategic, elevated and intentional, while using the principle tools she provided. I began attracting the opportunities I wanted and had choices. Kim advised me through negotiations and I ultimately accepted an offer that has positioned me for success!

If you are thinking about her as a trusted advisor and partner, take the step. You’ll get the results you need.

Senior Program Manager, Carrier Engagement and Recognition, Amazon
Houston, TX

Monica Wiant

I engaged Kim for a resume review after following her on LinkedIn for years. On our initial call, she gave me such smart, clear, and useful feedback that I immediately knew I wanted her in my corner for the job search ahead. With her help, I got an exciting new role that’s exactly what I hoped for in this next chapter of my career.

Kim was a delight to work with: extremely responsive via text and phone calls, often going longer than our scheduled time and talking to me like a friend and not just a client. She provided helpful resources and guidance, but I never felt constrained by her approach. While Kim has a well-defined path for a job search campaign, she was very flexible with me on my timeline and priorities. I felt like she was exactly the person I needed at this moment of life transition: a wise advisor, a nonjudgmental listener, and a relentless cheerleader.

Director of Content, Thrivent
Minneapolis, MN

Denny Farrell

I cannot recommend Kim enough! When I started my new career search, I had no idea what I was doing, no decent resume, no plan, not a clue. I saw a post from Kim that offered a free resume review, so I wrote a quick one and sent it to her. The very next day we connected, and after listening to her advice, I immediately knew I needed to contract her services.
Within a few days, we met face to face for an extensive interview, and in just one week, I had a batch of written materials, including 2 versions of my resume, marketing letter, and more. She taught me interview skills, job search tactics, and most of all – how to network! With each opportunity that I pursued, I solicited Kim’s opinion and advice, and she re-worked my resume to be applicable to the specific position. Kim even helped me craft a professional and extremely effective exit strategy from my former career.

Kim is the most educated, skilled, involved, and deeply professional career transition coach you could ask for. Her vast experience, extreme attention to detail, regular check-ins, and laundry list of suggestions, critiques, techniques, and support gave me the confidence and skillsets I needed to successfully transition to a brand-new career – and we did so in a mind-blowing 30 days!

If you are considering a change in your career, you would be remiss not to engage Kim and let her guide you through every step of the journey. I very enthusiastically endorse and recommend Kim Tracy!

Director of Information Technology, Builders
Denver, CO

Amanda Feest, CBCP, M.A.Ed

After about a year of looking for a new position/career transition, I was very frustrated and found myself losing confidence in my skills, my worth, my marketability, etc. Meeting Kim changed all of that for me. She taught me how to approach career transition from a totally different angle and encouraged me as I stepped outside of my comfort zone to apply her suggested techniques. She listened carefully and helped me see the value and marketability in my past experiences, which helped me build back much of the confidence I had lost. The customized resources Kim provides are top notch and, as others have mentioned, she is incredibly responsive and easy to work with. Kim has taught me skills that I know will prove useful as I move forward, even when I am not in career transition, and I am grateful to have her as a mentor and friend. If you are looking for someone to get your job hunt/career transition going on the right path, I’d definitely recommend getting in touch with Kim!

Senior Consultant, Riskonnect, Inc.
Los Angeles, CA

Michael Re

Kim has been a breath of fresh air to the job search/career transition process. She not only takes the time to understand your career history, but Kim also takes the extra time to get to know you and your personality so she can create a unique process for you to learn and optimize the many resources your are provided. She is professional, intelligent, very resourceful, she turns things around quickly, communicative, relaxed and brings an element of fun to the process. Kim helped me to identify my soft and hard skill sets as well as the value I can bring to an organization. She transformed my resume into a impactful storytelling document that sets me apart from others. Her coaching and mentorship is incredible. The amount of self confidence I have developed from working with Kim is astonishing. Kim will cover everything you need, no matter how minor the detail, to be successful and feel like you “got this”. I have only known Kim a short time, but I feel like I have a friend and advocate who will support me anytime I need her guidance. Kim Tracy is unquestionably the person to help you with your career transition!

Director of Ticketing, San Jose Theaters
San Jose, CA

Lisa Borges

Kim transformed my typical boring resume into a compelling story highlighting my accomplishments and key skills. She took the extra time to learn about my career history and unlike recruiters who are looking out for a company’s best interest, Kim was able to offer an objective view on what employers and clients value. This included identifying skills and qualities I hadn’t thought of, which increased my confidence and led to securing an exciting new client. In addition, I received great career advice from Kim and continue to receive resources and articles that pertain to my situation. Her personable AND professional approach is why I have referred her to several of my colleagues.

Executive Director at TB12 Foundation
Boston, MA

Richard Carr

Kim is the consummate professional. Her expertise in the career transition arena, combined with her knowledge of what employers are looking for, is truly unsurpassed. Kim tells you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear and that is rare in today’s market. If you want someone who will give you an honest evaluation of your work history, your future work opportunities and how to maximize those opportunities, she is the best. In addition to her expertise and honest evaluations, she consistently goes the extra mile for her clients and is always quick to respond to any questions or concerns.

Civilian Cold Case Investigator, Phoenix Police Department
Phoenix, AZ

Evan Ostrow

I am technically a client of Kim, but in a very short time she has become a trusted advisor to my life and career. Kim goes above and beyond for your career and development as a person. I have worked in professional and Div 1 collegiate athletics my entire professional career. I have been unemployed since COVID hit and she is one of the best things to happen to me during this time. I have always had trouble finding useful career advice outside of my contacts/friends in the sports world, but within a month she has become a true asset. We successfully negotiated a job offer, developed resume, created a job board, and set in place a very useful job strategy going forward, all within a month. I look forward to our relationship together going forward. You can’t go wrong with Kim.

Senior Territory Manager, Immunology, GI Specialty, Eli Lilly and Company
New York, NY

Sean McBee

After some reflection that I may need to transition careers due to the pandemic, I realized it had been quite a while since I had revamped my resume. I did not know where to begin. Thankfully, Kim’s approach made the entire process fluid and thoughtful which gave me confidence in highlighting my career accomplishments. She also provided great insight into what employers and recruiters are looking for that helped clarify my next steps. Most importantly, she made it fun and engaging! I would highly recommend working with Kim and am extremely grateful for her knowledge and expertise. Thank you, Kim!

People Ops & Systems, Strive Health
Denver, CO

Tracey Hathaway, CAO

When I first met Kim I was a little hesitant on her resume services (she offers a free half hour review session). However, after a 5-minute conversation I was hooked. Kim is a stellar person to know and to work with. She is honest, smart, tough, strategic, and does her due diligences to dial into the needs of her clients. She takes her time and homework to ensure she has captured the best you. Her services provide concrete suggestions and results that not only will elevate you in the interview process, but will help you negotiate your value and worth. I am happy that I have utilized Kim’s services. She has a great deal of knowledge that is extremely unique.

Academics & Athletics Officer, The athLEDA Foundation
Boston, MA

Victoria Neville

I cannot speak highly enough of Kim as a professional and a person. She is intelligent, resourceful, fast, kind and fun! I worked with Kim to “figure out” who I was as a professional. We crystallized the skills that set me apart, dug for meaningful and impactful stories of my success, and shaped how I wanted to be viewed in the professional world. I couldn’t believe the difference she made in my resume. Beyond that, I couldn’t believe the level of self-confidence I gained working with her. I now know EXACTLY what I bring to the table and what I’m worth. I learned tips and tricks to job hunting and setting myself apart on LinkedIn and ways to be better viewed as a thought leader. What made all the difference was our coaching calls prior to some big interviews. I can say, without a shadow of a doubt, that Kim GOT ME MY JOB. I would never have been able to present myself the way I did, ask the piercing questions I did, and connect with the executives in the way I did without her. Working with Kim is the best present I have ever given myself. I value our relationship and look forward to fostering it in years to come. She is second to none in every aspect of her work!

Senior Director, Corporate Communications, New York Power Authority
White Plains, NY

Matthew Corbin

I have had the pleasure of knowing Kim both professionally and as a friend. I have had the privilege to be coached by and work alongside Kim during my career transition in the Los Angeles area with Union Pacific Railroad. Kim is a great coach and teammate as she is extremely detail oriented, patient, builds positive relationships with everyone around her and demands the absolute best from everyone that works with her. There have been countless times that Kim went above and beyond expectations of herself either during projects or finding projects on her own to do, to not only better her own knowledge and broaden her horizons, but to also demonstrate her ability to help others and show her vision to see others succeed with her help.

She has the ability, that I have not seen from too many people, to elevate and motivate an individual to the next level by demanding the very best of them through several different methods.

Kim has shown that she is accountable, professional and a hard worker always eager to gain more knowledge in all aspects. Asking questions to gain more understanding of the industry the client is in, and never being satisfied with any simple answers, but digging in, encouraging and extracting the true motivation and passion from her clients to help them realize their full potential and their impact. Kim would be a great asset to any individual, business, and program looking to transition careers, gain media training, manage talent, and coach for success. I can whole-heartedly recommend her without any reservation.

General Manager, Savage
Salt Lake City, UT

Vanessa Yohe

I am proud to write a recommendation for Kim Tracy. Kim and I have known each other since the 7th grade. Our first joint project was when our former English teacher and speech coach, Marilyn Griggs Riley, asked us handle the publicity and media outreach for her book release. Since that time, I have employed her as my career coach. She has provided excellent guidance during my recent career transition, walking me through various options. Her advice never steered me wrong and she provided excellent deliverables to help me pursue my career path. She is the consummate professional with excellent interpersonal skills. She always makes herself available, is creative and easy to work with. I highly recommend her.

Senior Editor, Pace Communications
Denver, CO

Julie O. Lane

Kim Tracy is unforgettable. I had the pleasure of working with Kim over the course of six months, referred to Kim’s career transition services from a trusted friend. The reason our time working together ended was because I successfully transitioned into a new role, and my goal was attained! Stepping outside of your comfort zone and relying on the expertise of others can be a challenge, especially when it’s your livelihood on the line – and yet, Kim did not hesitate to give critical, candid feedback, so that my goals would be realized. I am grateful that I trusted Kim to provide to me her strategy, tools, support and coaching. Thank you for supporting this transition and for teaching me skills that are vital to my work.

Associate Director, IT Strategy, State and Local Government, Gartner
Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill, NC

Leslie Russell

I hired Kim to work with my daughter for career transition from college to the work force. At the time my daughter was also transitioning with a geographical move. What I liked best about Kim was that she responded promptly and eased my nerves that my daughter was in good hands. Then came the EXCEPTIONALLY high standards of professionalism and coaching. Her resume and coaching skills are far above the rest. Kim is energetic, enthusiastic, and obviously loves what she does. Thank you KIm for all that you do.

EAP, Teamsters
Boston, MA

Jake Bramwell, PMP

Kim Tracy excels at helping people and giving excellent advice and guidance through career transitions. After looking for a new opportunity on my own for 3 months, I turned to Kim to help, and with a little guidance to refine my search efforts in addition to an expertly written interview resume that better portrayed my accomplishments, I had multiple interviews lined up within the first month of doing things the “Kim Tracy” way. Kim has a great ear, and great advice. I’d recommend her to anyone needing a coach or motivation through their next career transition.

Engineering Manager, Intermountain Electronics
Denver, CO

Lisa Murphy

Kim Tracy is an excellent Career Coach with proven results of success for her clients. Kim has an unprecedented style of career coaching that allows her clients to learn the proper skills to either grow within their current field or to seek new career opportunities with success. She has a positive energy that is infectious and allows for ease in conversation about career growth potentials. Her services were of tremendous value to me and I am pleased to state that due to her coaching and my desire to put into action what Kim taught me, I have secured employment within my timeframe goal.

Director of Procurement at CoreSite
Denver, CO

Glen Loveland

Kim Tracy is one of the most insightful people that I have ever had the privilege of working with. In our ten year professional relationship, Kim has helped provide creative solutions for my work in the U.S. Congress and with The Walt Disney Company in China. Kim has a vast amount of practical experience, spanning a range of industries. She is adept at changing her style flexibly between consulting, coaching and mentoring, so you will never feel that you are being ‘told what to do’ as many consultants do. At the same time, she will hold you accountable for delivering results. I have no hesitation in recommending Kim for a wide range of leadership, strategy, and advisory positions.

Head of Human Resources, United Integrated Services
Phoenix, AZ