What is the difference between The Career Agent and a recruiter?

An external recruiter, who works for a recruiting or search firm, is paid by the hiring company, which means their loyalty is to the hiring company.

Unless you, the individual job seeker, received funds for outplacement services, I am compensated by and advocate for you.

What is the difference between you and another career transition professional?

Throughout my career, I have found that my professional background of public relations, media, marketing, and sales has greatly contributed to my clients’ success. Thus, I dubbed the career transition campaigns, “How Do You Market Yourself To Get A Job”.

The resume packages and career transition campaigns I offer are comprehensive and provide you with the tools and information you need to succeed. The coaching support and specialty training that I offer is equally comprehensive and prepares you for not only executing a successful job campaign, but thoroughly preparing you for the interviewing process and negotiating offer letters.

How much will your career transition services cost?

This is one of the leading questions I get, because career transition services are an investment. Because each client’s situation, goals, and needs are unique, everything I do for you is custom.

I offer a complimentary resume review, which is a great time to get to know each other and which career transition services would most benefit you. At that time, I am able to provide you with a quote for services.

I require a 50% deposit to get started and offer payment plans for the remaining balance.

Do you offer outplacement services to companies?

Absolutely! I am happy to work with companies that are restructuring or down-sizing.

How much do outplacement services cost a company?

The cost of outplacement services varies based on the employees needing the service. If an employee requires a higher level of written materials, coaching or support, then their campaign will cost more.

Do you offer career development services to companies?

Yes again! I am happy to work with companies who want to provide career development or career transition services to their current employees.

How do you work?

After our initial consultation and signing of the Client Services Agreement, I schedule an in-depth phone interview, so I can capture as much content as possible to write your documents. I then write and edit over the course of the next few weeks.

When your materials are ready, we schedule a Zoom video call, where I present your materials and we also have the chance for an initial round of editing. If you have purchased a job campaign, then I will introduce you to the job campaign strategies specific to you.

We will go through as many rounds of editing as necessary, but most clients require no more than three rounds. Once you have “clean drafts” of your documents, you are ready to begin engaging in your campaign.

If you have purchased a campaign or coaching sessions, then we will schedule your first session immediately, so you can hit the ground running!

How long will it take to get my written materials?

After I have interviewed you, I typically deliver written materials in 1 – 1.5 weeks.

Will you continue to help me with my career transition services if I need help outside of the Client Services Agreement?

Yes. I charge an hourly rate per session, and packages are also available to clients.