I cannot recommend Kim enough! When I started my new career search, I had no idea what I was doing, no decent resume, no plan, not a clue. I saw a post from Kim that offered a free resume review, so I wrote a quick one and sent it to her. The very next day we connected, and after listening to her advice, I immediately knew I needed to contract her services.
Within a few days, we met face to face for an extensive interview, and in just one week, I had a batch of written materials, including 2 versions of my resume, marketing letter, and more. She taught me interview skills, job search tactics, and most of all – how to network! With each opportunity that I pursued, I solicited Kim’s opinion and advice, and she re-worked my resume to be applicable to the specific position. Kim even helped me craft a professional and extremely effective exit strategy from my former career.

Kim is the most educated, skilled, involved, and deeply professional career transition coach you could ask for. Her vast experience, extreme attention to detail, regular check-ins, and laundry list of suggestions, critiques, techniques, and support gave me the confidence and skillsets I needed to successfully transition to a brand-new career – and we did so in a mind-blowing 30 days!

If you are considering a change in your career, you would be remiss not to engage Kim and let her guide you through every step of the journey. I very enthusiastically endorse and recommend Kim Tracy!