After about a year of looking for a new position/career transition, I was very frustrated and found myself losing confidence in my skills, my worth, my marketability, etc. Meeting Kim changed all of that for me. She taught me how to approach career transition from a totally different angle and encouraged me as I stepped outside of my comfort zone to apply her suggested techniques. She listened carefully and helped me see the value and marketability in my past experiences, which helped me build back much of the confidence I had lost. The customized resources Kim provides are top notch and, as others have mentioned, she is incredibly responsive and easy to work with. Kim has taught me skills that I know will prove useful as I move forward, even when I am not in career transition, and I am grateful to have her as a mentor and friend. If you are looking for someone to get your job hunt/career transition going on the right path, I’d definitely recommend getting in touch with Kim!